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    Chinese Simplified
    Chinese Traditional

    Services and Fees

    Investments in Hong Kong

    Hong Kong Company Registration

    Hong Kong Taxation

    Visas and Immigration

    Laws and Regulations


    Frequently Asked Questions

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    Shelf Company Lists

    MS Word Format
    PDF Format
    Hong Kong Shelf Companies
    Hong Kong Shelf Companies (Aged)
    Delaware Companies
    Marshall Islands Shelf Companies
    BVI Shelf Companies
    Belize Shelf Companies
    Samoa Shelf Companies
    Seychelles Shelf Companies

    Offshore Company Registration Guideline and Notes

    Registration Guideline/Notes
    PDF Format
    Hong Kong Company Registration Guideline
    Hong Kong Company Memorandum and Articles of Association
    British Virgin Islands (BVI) Company Registration Guideline
    British Virgin Islands (BVI) Company Maintenance Note
    Singapore Company Registration Guideline
    Cayman Exempted Company Registration Guideline
    Belize Company Registration Guideline
    Belize Company Memorandum and Articles
    Samoa Company Practice/Maintenance Note (Chinese Version)

    China WOFE and Representative Office

    Document Title
    PDF Format
    Representative Office Application Letter (Chinese Version)
    Bankers' Reference Letter (Credit Reference Letter)
    Chief Representative Appointment Letter
    Resume of Representative (Chinese Version)
    China WOFE Registration Guidelines
    China WOFE Sample Articles of Association (without Board of Directors)
    China Representative Office Registration Guidelines
    Shanghai - Introduction
    Shanghai Business Entities
    Shanghai WOFE Formation
    Shanghai Taxation

    More downloads in relation to Chinese Business Registrations.

    China Trademark Registration

    Detailed China Trademark Registration Fee Schedule
    PDF Format
    China Trademark Registration
    Statement on Internet Fraud
    Declaration on fake advertisements and fake r...
    China Holiday Arrangement in 2022 Announced

        Shelf Company Lists

    Hong Kong
    British Virgin Islands
    Delaware & Nevada
    Marshall Islands



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