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    Holiday Arrangements from September to October 2020

    Dear Clients,

    Please kindly note that our holiday arrangements during the period from September to October are as follows:
    Hong Kong Office

    (1) National Day: closed from 1 to 2 October 2020.
    (2) Double Ninth Festival: closed on 26 October 2020.
    2. Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen Office

    Mid-Autumn Festival & National Day: closed from 1 October to 8 October 2020.
    27 September (Sunday) and 10 October (Saturday) 2020 are adjusted as official working days.
    3. Singapore Office

    No holiday arrangement.
    4. Taiwan Office

    (1) Mid-Autumn Festival: closed from 1 to 4 October 2020, 26 September (Saturday) is adjusted as an official working day.
    (2) National Day: closed from 9 to 11 October 2020.
    5. USA Office

    Labor Day: closed on 7 September 2020.

    Wish you have a nice holiday!

    Kaizen CPA Limited

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