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    啟源集團 嚴正聲明




    In 2007 we decided to chose the Kaizen services to set up companies in Asia. The only thing what we knew has been that we know nothing! No idea how to overcome bureaucratic issues, no idea whom to contact, no idea about left and right, up and down.

    The Kaizen teams of Hongkong and Shanghai - I highlight the name of Ms. Tina Tong, Kaizen Shanghai in this context- took us "lost kids in the dark" by their professional, experienced and always up-to-date hands. Tina guided and guides us smoothly, safe and competent through the accordant threats and dangers of the -for us- unknown fields of business set-up in Asia. 


    We must have had a lucky day when we met Kaizen. Without any exception promises have been kept, statements have been binding and fundamental, actions been triggered on time and perfectly. Even the smallest issues have been handled absolute professional and that in combination with high-speed.


    If you need a servicing partner to do business set-up in the region there is only one name, Kaizen Corporate Services Limited!

    Marcus Breulmann

    Daniela Steinmetz

    Addval Limited, German

    “ MVR INTERNATIONAL has been using Kaizen’s service for over 2 years and a half now and they proved to be responsive, competent and were also able to give us good advice. It’s good to feel supported by a company like Kaizen when you are a foreign company investing in another country. Would highly recommend their service.”

    Mr. D. Penhard
    MVR International, USA

    Kaizen Corporate Services Limited is a very professional consulting firm that helps a lot in setting up business in HK and in mainland China.

    I have set up two HK limited companies and one full subsidiary across the border via Kaizen. In testing the unknown water in China Kaizen has provided very satisfactory professional assistance and been utmost helpful in almost every aspect. Both teams in HK and in Shenzhen are excellent to work with. Thanks to their out-standing performance in business consultation all the procedures and red tapes and complication in doing business in China have been well monitored. I hereby want to give my thanks specifically to Ms. Susan Chen, Kaizen’s team leader in Shenzhen, whom has demonstrated full understanding, professional concern as well as patience, and the latest is one of the very much needed virtues in a business environment in today’s China.

    I am glad that I have chosen Kaizen to be my partner to start up my business in HK and China, and won't hesitate one minute to recommend this company to anyone who wants to be serious in doing business in the region. Thanks, Benjamin; thanks, Tammy, and many thanks, Susan!

    Chris van Heyden
    Brussels, Belgium

    We have been cooperating with Kaizen Corporate Service Ltd. for over 2 years and they were always able to give us good advice and support, which are highly important matters for any foreign company doing business in China.

    Kaizen has always provided very high quality professional assistance. We hereby are grateful to Kaizen’s team both in HK and Shenzhen for kind assistance in every aspect of cooperation. We’d like to give special thanks to Mr. Benjamin Yen and Ms. Susan Chen, who had always demonstrated professional concern as well as patience to every our question.

    We would highly recommend their service to anyone doing business in the region.
    Dmitry Romanenko,
    Sun Bond International Co., Ltd. Russia

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